Enduro Safaris

CrossConcepts organizes enduro and quad safaris based on client's needs. All the tours are designed on participant's level of experience and skill, and therefore we ask you to contact us for proper arrangements. 
Bikes or quads, fuel and riding gear  are included in the daily rate, but you are welcome to participate with your own equipment. The enduro tours are taking place in the vicinity of city of Tampere, Finland. Tampere can be economically approached by Ryan Air from 12 European airports. We are located 2 hours or 160km's from Helsinki.
CrossConcepts makes the tours all around the year, even during the winter months. In Finland you can ride single tracks in real forest, on the approved grounds with permit. All our bikes are road legal and insured. The summer time offers convenient temperatures, typically 20-25C. Winter time offers extreme experience of snow riding, typically in temperatures around -10C. It is still quite doable with the proper ridig gear. Please contact for details.
We can arrange accompanying activities for family members or additional days, like mounting biking, horse or pony riding, canoeing, fishing etc. The city of Tampere  offers entertainment and sight seeing all year around as well as selection of accomodation.
We can help you with hotel selection and transportation or if you wish, a bed and breakfast in the nearby farms.
Please contact us info@crossconcepts.fi for details and prices, let us know what are you looking for, and let us propose an arrangement for you.